Dead roses

She stepped out of the shadows and walked towards me. By this I mean that she came „flipside of the graveyard”, from the land of shadows, to watch over me. I feel her presence in every move I make, in every place I go, and sometimes it feels like she’s still alive. Maybe that sounds crazy for you, but despite the fact she’s dead, we still have a strong connection. Our souls are always connected, even if we are in different worlds now, even if she represents only a soul without a body. Her material existence doesn’t count as long as her soul is always by my side.

If you’ve been wondering who she is, well, is just the only woman I’ve ever really loved in my whole life. She wasn’t just my soulmate, but my twin-flame. She was my reflection, my perfect match, a soul like mine wrapped in a different box.

In the end, we are a soul divided in two, blessed, despite this short period of separation… Now I’m turning into a „butterfly”, to mark my evolution, moving from this body to the space of the infinite universe, so from now we will be together for eternity; two entities that will travel together beyond the barriers of space and time imposed on humans.


Our Amnesic Love

I stay on rainy days
Staring at the sky
Thinking about us.
How two lucky stars…
We were brighter than the rest
And together made the best.

God turned ourselves into spirits
Lost souls locked in two bodies
Doomed to loneliness for ages 
But someday we could find…
Find ourselves and our lost love.

We’re together since forever
But for a period, a little amnesic.
We forgot our love
And now we are without escape:
Two halves of souls  who met in a wrong world.